Is iOS better than Android and Windows Phone?

Here we sharing top 10 points. Read all these top ten points, and know why iOS better that android and windows phone.

Is iOS better than Android and Windows Phone?

Is iOS better than Android and Windows Phone

1. iOS apps are better than Android mostly because iOS is better than Android. Now, do not get me wrong and label me as an Apple fanboi (I’m tired of being called that, though my admiration of Apple products comes after speculation of their quality). iOS gives more privacy, security and control over your app. Android does not.

2. iOS is not just the OS, it is also an ecosystem, much like Android is. You can create a virus for Android, not for iOS. Why? Because iOS apps are tested against various parameters and if you make an iOS app which does something unwanted for the user, may Apple have mercy on you. This is not so in Android.

3. You add a header file/ library in your iOS project and not use it anywhere int he project – that is enough to get your app rejected on Apple Appstore. Apple is a nazi about performance.

4. iOS apps are also tested for ‘beauty’. A certain level of UI friendliness is required for your iOS app to be approved on the AppStore. Nothing like that for Google.

5. iOS is a closed/secure platform in general: You do not simply crack an app, release an APK and let others download via their browsers and install. TO pull something like that off on iPhone, you need to jailbreak it which is much less often than Android rooting. So you are even more secure.

6. iOS is closed/secure platform for Apps: iOS apps are not allowed to touch things directly outside the directory they are installed into. In Android, the apps can read and write the entire file system. They ask for permissions before installing (which is read rarely by users) and then the system is wide open. You cannot do that on iOS app. Just cannot.

7. iOS apps are written in objective C. Since C is way way faster than Java (in which Android Apps are written), most iOS apps will work faster than Android apps with same configs as an iPhone. Longer battery life, less heatups and better user experience.

8. iOS provides more multimedia support. If your app deals with multimedia, creating it on iOS is much easier than creating it for Android. Android lacks APIs and the main programming language used for creation of apps (Java) is very bad at multimedia. For such use-cases on Android, you need the NDK where you can create apps in C/C++ and then link it via a minimalistic Java layer. That method itself creates issues.

9. Monetization: I myself have never bought any apps on Android. Bought a few of them on iOS for sure. Not just because iOS is closed but because those apps were downright sexy. Because iOS apps are generally better than Android counterparts (for the reasons I said above), they generate a greater appeal. Even Google’s own apps behave faster, smoother and have a better UI on iOS than Android. Also, like I said, you do not get a packaged application file and run it on iOS. I have seen games worth $5.99 being distributed on the web for free. “Once cracked, used everywhere” is the formula. I remember a game made by EA being pirated and 3 people I knew were playing it without spending a penny. If there were a million people who did that, EA had just lost about $5,990,000 for nothing but developing on Android.

10. APIs: Apps are built using APIs provided by the OS. iOS APIs have been much more consistent than that of Google. That pulls developers and keeps them loyal. Also, they do not have to think about wildly varying hardware specs, screwed up configurations, missing languages etc. Apple ensures a very elevated level of platform consistency.

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