How to work as a freelancer Android apps developer and earn money?

Learn how you can work as a freelancer Android apps developer and earn money online and offline. We are sharing some tips for a beginner in freelancing online.

How to work as a freelancer Android apps developer and earn money?

Bid low in beginning: If average bid is 50$ bid for 40$ but not too low such as 10$ in which case the employer might think of you as a faker or low quality worker.

Impress First Client: Do all the works mentioned by the first client and even a bit more to impress the first client. Get a good rating from him, which plays a crucial part in you getting the next offers.

Maintain a good profile: Fill your profile with all your details honestly and have a good portfolio of apps displayed in it. It is always a good idea to have 3–4 apps on playstore, which will ensure the employer that you have prior, experience developing android apps. Get a good enough rating on these apps, ask you friends and relatives to give them a good rating.

Maintain good relations with clients: Never think that you would not meet the client you have worked with again. They are the ones who have multiple projects to work upon and if you have impressed them, they would come back to you. They would even refer their friends or partners to you and hence always maintain good relationships with clients.

Build a Brand: Do not be part of the herd. Never be reliant on these freelancing sites. They can shut down anytime or can change their policies instantly, which can make them impossible to work with. Build a brand of your own and maintain clients outside of the platform.

Don’t undersell yourself: These freelancer sites try to make you bid at lower rates due to competition but mind you, you have to pay your bills at the end and you can’t sustain over Noodles. Many clients prefer quality products at a decent rate than raw product at a minimal rate. Your task is to find them and stay along with them. After making relation with your clients on the online platforms get away from the platform, discuss offline and bid now at a higher rate, and let me tell they would be more than happy to accept it. You can find better clients at Reddit with Hiring Tag who don’t rob you off your hard work.

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