How can I add village on Google maps?

Learn here the best way to add your village on Google Maps. Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. It offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle, or public transportation. In 2012, Google reported having over 7100 employees and contractors directly working in mapping. Google Indoor Maps uses JPG, .PNG, .PDF, .BMP, or .GIF, for floor plan.

How can I add village on Google maps?

Add Village on Google Map

Add Village on Google Map:

  • Just go google maps app on your phone.
  • tap and hold to drop the pin on the map near the place which needs to added
  • once the pin is dropped , pull up the details bar to see more details.
  • here tap on the option “add missing place”
  • then fill in the details of the place and submit it.
  • Your suggestion will first be analysed by the Google then after verification , the changes you have made will be published .
  • you will also receive mail regarding the status of the changes requested in the map.

The village boundary and names are already named and updated by google. In case if you find your village name is not listed or placed properly just right click inside your village boundary in google maps (Sign in with google account) and choose add missing place then fill up details (better according to administrative reference of the place) and place the balloon marker within administrative boundary of the village.

But Remember Some Things:

  1. You cannot actually name a village because google considers it with an address from its data sets as you change or put place marker in the map. So it/attribute will automatically updated by google in the address field not in the place of name. If you want to fill up the name you should assign it under appropriate categories. But specific category -Village Name is not in the list. Technically you cannot add a village name but you can suggest or report mistakes in the already listed/provided address or name of the place.
  2. You cannot change the names or add as you wish because google local guides review the names or places, once it accepted it will be published in the maps.
  3. Google has stopped its map maker project on last march so even local guides lack privileges they had earlier.

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