How to Donate Money via Bharat Ke Veer App and Website?

Learn here how you can Donate Money via Bharat Ke Veer App and Website. This question is trending on search engines after the launch of, and its app. Bharat Ke Veer website and app launched on the occasion of Valour Day. Bharatkeveer app and website allows the individual to donate money to families of deceased Indian soldiers.

How to Donate Money via Bharat Ke Veer App and Website?

How to Donate Money via Bharat Ke Veer App and Website?

Donate Money via Bharat Ke Veer App and Website [credited:]

For donate the money you have to follow these steps:

1. Click on

2. Fill the full form: Name, Email, Mobile Number, Contribution Amount, Then OTP will be generated, and you have to enter the OTP.

3. After fill this form, click on Submit, and follow the payment options. And That’s it.

You can also send to individual soldier from here:

Before donation to our soldier’s families, first read the guidelines of donations.

Bharat Ke Veer App Donation Guidelines:

1. You can donate money directly to individual soldier’s account upto max of Rs 15 lakhs or may donate to the “Bharat Ke Veer” corpus.

2. To ensure maximum coverage, a cap of 15 lakhs are envisaged per Braveheart and the donor would be alerted if the amount exceeds Rs 15 lakhs, so that they can choose to either decrease their contribution or divert part of the donation to another Braveheart’s account, or to the “Bharat Ke Veer” corpus.

3. “Bharat Ke Veer” corpus would be managed by a committee made up of eminent persons of repute and senior government officials, in equal number, who would decide to disburse the fund equitably to the Braveheart’s family on need basis.

Who will get your Donations Bharatkeveer App and Website?

1. Assam Rifles: AR engaged in border guarding along Indo-Myanmar border,  as well as in counter insurgency operations in the North East.

2. Border Security Force: BSF guards India’s borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh, and are also deployed for anti insurgency operations.

3. Central Industrial Security Force: CISF provides security to the key sectors including Airports, Metro systems, important industries in the public  and private Sector, heritage monuments, Government buildings and security to protected persons.

4. Central Reserve Police Force: CRPF is the primary force for internal security including anti naxal operations, counter insurgency duties in J&K and North East, and Law & Order problems.

5. Indo-Tibetan Border Police: ITBP guards India’s borders with China. Specially trained to operate in high altitude mountainous terrain, it is also engaged in internal security duties from time to time.

6. National Disaster Response Force: NDRF is for specialized response to natural and man-made disasters, saving lives and livelihood and prepares communities in disaster resilience and disaster risk reduction.

7. National Security Guard: NSG is a Special Force mandated to conduct counter-terrorist, counter-hijack, and hostage-rescue operations as well as provide `mobile security’ to designated protectors.

8. Sashastra Seema Bal: SSB with the motto of “Service Security Brotherhood” is primarily mandated to guard India’s borders with Nepal and Bhutan. The force is also performing internal security duties and is deployed to deal with LWE / Counter-insurgency in  many states.

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