Why is cache memory faster than RAM?

Cache memory is onboard with the CPU, it’s more expensive than RAM, however it’s extremely fast. The memory is needed since the CPU is getting faster than RAM is, so the cache is much faster the RAM. The CPU cache is also known as SRAM – again

How to Increase Computer Typing Speed?

Learn here how you can increase your typing speed on your keyboard and laptop. One thing that helped me increase my typing speed through high school and the beginning of college was emphasis on having 100% accuracy. This was very apparent to me when playing Typing Mania, which

How to Install Mobdro app for PC?

Mobdro app is a popular application where you can observe free films online in full HD quality. This application is totally free of cost. Mobdro application is perfect with android, windows, iPhone and Mac gadgets. It is one of the colossal source to for the individuals who